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Geliştirici: Rodney Pearson
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Worldwide competition! Now known as iSlide Worldwide, this game has three worldwide scoreboards: a Daily iSlide Worldwide Scoreboard that includes todays Top 100 scores, and an Alltime iSlide Worldwide Scoreboard that contains the Top 100 scores worldwide, from the beginning of time, and a daily iSlide Worldwide Tournament in which every player, around the world, plays a single random gameboard. Mano a mano.

An iPhone version of an age-old game, iSlide exercises your spatial ability, quick thinking, and logic, challenging you to arrange fifteen numbered and colored tiles as quickly as possible.

iSlide presents you with a randomized gameboard, with fifteen numbered tiles and one blank tile. Click or slide a tile to move it into the open position. As has been true with the plastic hand-held version of this game for decades, you may only move a tile that is adjacent to the blank tile.

You begin each game with 10,000 points. You lose five points for each elapsed second, and ten points for each move that you make. Your goal is to correctly re-arrange the tiles, as quickly and with as few moves as you can.

iSlide will maintain a scoreboard of your Top 100 scores. Good luck!